Duck Rillette

We've created a Rillette for the ages by bringing together the traditional methods of creating a French Rillette with the wonderful favours of beautifully rich Duck and spicy Juniper Berry. The final and not-so-secret ingredient is our very own blend of Quatre épice to add extra depth to the flavour.

Pork Rillette

It doesn’t get any more French than this. Tender pork slow cooked in wine, then shredded by hand and seasoned with our very own mix of spices. Simple? Absolutely. Devine? Of course.

Rabbit Rillette

Another French classic, we take robust, gamy wild rabbit and slow cook it until the meat falls off the bone. Once the meat is perfect, we hand shred and season it with our mix of spices. Finally, we combine it with just enough preserved lemon to make the delicate flavour sing.

Salmon Rillette

Another unique blend of the traditional and contemporary, our salmon Rillette is made from both fresh and smoked fish poached in wine and herbs. Once cooked, we hand shred it and pair it with our blend of butter, spices and herbs. The result is a fresh spin on a classic Rillette with an unmatched depth of flavour.